Praisetek Light Club was launched on the 20th Dec. 2008 hosted at the Volt Night Club Edmonton, London N18.

Our vision is to attract non believers from every where, to unite the body of Christ and that you need to go out there to do the unbelievable in order to attract the unreachable with this came the vision of Praisetek light Club.

Everyone seems to think that the life of a Christian has to be boring which blots out a lot of young people from taking an interest in serving the Lord, Praisetek Lightclub has changed this view and has taken Christianity to another level.

You will be amazed seeing young people going wild for God, people of all ages, gender, creed and nationality socializing and partying in the Christian style. PLC is established to promote the Gospel by means of using a club style atmosphere but with Christian principles.

You can enjoy the Sunday evening, with dance and various types of competitions alongside music from some of the greatest Djs in the world. With variety of music such as Hip Hop, Soul, Rap, Dancehall, Garage, Bashment, Funky House, Reggae, Rock and calypso etc Live performances from some the greatest gospel Artistes, groups and choirs.

For now Praisetek Light Club is scheduled for every last Sunday of the month but with the mind of hosting it weekly as time goes on.

If someone is looking for somewhere to go for the relief from stress, or to do some clean socializing and partying in a Godly manner the Lightclub is the place to be.